Sunday, February 7, 2010

Offer! MartinLogan Dynamo 1000 12-inch Wireless Ready Subwoofer (Single, Black)

MartinLogan Dynamo 1000 12-inch Wireless Ready Subwoofer (Single, Black)

Product Description
True high-end performance. Home-friendly aesthetics. And power, lots of power! In a nutshell, that's the incredible Dynamo 1000 subwoofer. Dramatic bass detail and bass attack, superb extension and room-shaking output ensure a music and home theater experience like no other subwoofer in its class can deliver. Features include a 500-watt RMS, 1,000-watt peak amplifier and 12-inch cone driver. Its standard down-firing configuration quickly (and easily!) converts into a front-firing configuration, ideal for discrete installations. Finishing touch... a wireless receiver for a 'cable-less' environment.

  • Built-in wireless receiver offers extreme placement flexibility when used with the SWT-1 subwoofer wireless transmitter (sold separately)
  • High-resolution low-distortion 12-Inch woofer pairs a high-power magnet structure with a 10-inch diaphragm to deliver huge excursion and sound output while perfectly preserving the tiniest bass detail
  • Advanced ultra-efficient 500-watt (1000-watt peak) amplifier uses variable audio tracking power supplies to drive its class AB output stage delivering a true 300 watts of continuous power
  • Front-firing or down-firing configuration easily converts without need of tools to maximize performance when installed inside of a cabinet or other discrete installation
  • The Dynamo 1000 comes with custom ETC spikes which can be used in place of the feet to enhance stability on thick carpets, or create tighter coupling between subwoofer and floor to enhance overall sound quality

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